About Us

Based in Singapore with offices in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, Goldstream Global is an independent precious metals investment and trading house. We focus on ethically sourced precious metals, and we support a wide client base including private and institutional investors, jewellery manufacturers and refineries.

We’re able to meet the needs of valued clients by leveraging our global networks and presence, combined with our expertise in finance and logistics. As such, we’re perfectly positioned to structure and manage bespoke precious metals portfolios for investors, structure offtake agreements for producers and source physical products for manufacturing clients.

Goldstream Global do not appoint agents, representatives or mandates and only contract directly with approved suppliers. If you have been contacted by someone claiming to represent Goldstream Global, please contact us to discuss.

Vision & Mission

Goldstream Global does not promote instruments or attempt to offer complex financial products. Our sole focus is reinventing the oldest currency in the world. As such, we aim to provide physical metal which we verify and validate, ensuring a complete provenance on all material purchased or sold.

Goldstream Global sells primary and secondary market precious metals products:

  • LBMA Bullion
  • Non-LBMA Bullion
  • Coins and numismatics

Why Invest in Precious Metals?

For ages, precious metals were the currencies that drove economies worldwide and they were coveted for their value.

Nowadays, they’re popular because they’re an effective hedge against inflation and allow investors to diversify their portfolios which, in turn, limits their risk.

“Gold and Silver are Money – Everything else is Credit” - J.P. Morgan

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